MirrorMateMitts™ protect your car, truck, minivan and SUV side mirrors from snow, ice, frost, road debris, bugs, bird poop/droppings/pecking and scuffs.

~ No More Scraping! ~

The Mate is a design (Pat. Pend.) made of durable, water-repellent nylon material that saves you time, eliminates effort, and best of all, your mirrors stay scuff, snow, ice and bird poop/droppings and pecking free!


Slips on and off in seconds.
Large size 9" x 11" fits most standard car, SUV and truck mirrors. Stores easily in the glove box.
Snug, tight fit stays secure under all harsh weather and wind.

One pair of Mates (2 Mates; for left and right mirrors)
Price $20.00, Includes Shipping!

Buy two pairs, for $35.00

Mirror protection:
Note: Mates in colors only available in ORDERS of 30 OR MORE.
Mates in colors -
RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE - provide maximum mirror visibility for passing motorists when your vehicle is parked on the street or in a lot. (Click on 'MMMs in Colors!' section.)
Other Uses:
Cosmetic, shoe, personal item or tote bag. (Click on 'Bags!!!' section.)